E. Butterworth 
& Co., Inc.
(now EBCO Absorbents, Inc.)
17 Friars Drive
Hudson, NH  03051
TEL: (978) 957-3500
FAX: (603) 594-0502

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The premier source for new domestic
mill end wipers
and cutting waste!
We provide sorted and baled recycled textile products  to many different industries.  The material we recycle and process is typically used as industrial wiping cloths, re-spun back into yarn, used in the manufacturing of fine writing and currency paper, or ground into fiber for insulation or stuffing applications.  There are countless other applications.

We ship most of our baled textile products from our collection facility in California, however we do inventory a variety of new knit mill end wiping cloths in Massachusetts for east coast distribution to other wiping cloth companies.  All of our new knit wiping material is 100% domestic cotton.

 E. Butterworth & Co., Inc. has been recycling textiles since 1839... 
we are the oldest and the best in our business.  (more on our history)

Attention paint and hardware stores, industrial, janitorial, safety and environmental supply companies looking for packaged wiping cloths and absorbent products, please click on the image below to visit our other web site  www.e-rags.com


E. Butterworth & Co., Inc. was part of an international group, Edwin Butterworth & Co., Ltd., until 1987 when it was purchased by Bob Travis. It was originally founded in 1839. Its U.S. office was formed in 1860 to act as U.S. agents for cotton waste being brought into the U.S. from their parent company in England.

Today Jeff Pearl & Ryan Travis assist Bob Travis in the running of the company.  

We have operated in Massachusetts since 1860 and continues to handle imports from Europe and the Far East as well as exporting into many foreign markets. Exporting is still a major part of our business.

E. Butterworth & Co., Inc. has been a recycler of textiles for its entire history. At present, it is one of the oldest companies in the world handling textile by-products; textile waste to be recycled.

E. Butterworth & Co., Inc. is a proud member of the SMART Association

(Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles)

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