E. Butterworth 
& Co., Inc.
(now EBCO Absorbents, Inc.)
17 Friars Drive
Hudson, NH  03051
TEL: (978) 957-3500
FAX: (603) 594-0502

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California Recycling

#1 What are you paying to dump your cutting wastes?
#2 Do you know where they are being dumped?
#3 Is your company truly interested in the environment?

We can help !! We have the ability to service textile mills and garment manufacturers.

We specialize in cotton knitted clips from garment manufacturers. Additionally we are interested in all types of cotton cutting wastes. We are especially interested in cutting wastes from underwear and t-shirt manufacturing.

We can handle substantial quantities of cuttings on a continual basis. We would be very interested in obtaining samples of your cutting wastes so we can develop a fast, economical and environmentally effective solution to your waste disposal.

Additionally through our recycling efforts your cutting scraps will not be going to landfills or incinerators but rather to the production of paper, yarn or wiping cloths.

Step 1:
Call us at either 1-800-884-RAGS or 1-978-957-3500

Step 2:
We will probably ask for a 1 lb. sample of your cutting waste be sent to:

E. Butterworth & Co.,Inc.
1951 Lakeview Avenue
Dracut, Ma. 01826

Step 3:
We will contact you with a "Recycling Plan" for your cutting waste.

Step 4:
Pickups will begin!

This whole process can take less than week. Cut your disposal costs, eliminate dumping and tipping fees. Increase your bottom line. Most importantly, recycle your cutting wastes in an environmentally friendly way.

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