E. Butterworth 
& Co., Inc.
(now EBCO Absorbents, Inc.)
17 Friars Drive
Hudson, NH  03051
TEL: (978) 957-3500
FAX: (603) 594-0502

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Cutting Waste

We grade and sort pre-consumer textile waste for use in paper-making, spinning, and all types of recycling. The following brief list represents only a small sampling of the types of recyclables we handle. We also do fine sorting to specific customer specifications.

  • Bleached Cotton Cutters
    for spinning or paper-making, we have 4 types of this cutter for all uses
  • Bleached Cotton Woven Cuttings
    for paper-making or shoddy manufacturing, we have 4 different types of this cutting
  • Unbleached Woven Cotton Cuttings
    for paper-making
  • Post Consumer Mixed Institutional Clothing
    for grading, from a major institution
  • Colored Cotton Knitting Waste
    pastel or medium colored cutters
  • Shaded Cotton Cutters
    different shades for different applications
  • Unbleached Cotton Cutters
    grades for spinning and paper-making
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