E. Butterworth 
& Co., Inc.
(now EBCO Absorbents, Inc.)
17 Friars Drive
Hudson, NH  03051
TEL: (978) 957-3500
FAX: (603) 594-0502

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Wiping Cloths

We offer baled, uncut wiping materials for sale to companies that cut and distribute wiping products. These are available in all size bales, predominantly uncut. We also offer cut and boxed wipers.  Please visit www.e-rags.com for more information on our cut and pre-packaged wiping cloths.


New Bleached Knit (left) and New WASHED White (right)               New Colored Knit being packaged for an industrial supplier.

  • New Bleached Knit Wipers
  • New Colored Knit Wipers
  • New Small Bleached Knit Wipers
  • New Terry & Unterried Wipes
  • New Unbleached Knit Wipers
  • New WASHED TruTan Wipers - CUT
  • New WASHED Colored Knit Wipers - CUT
  • New WASHED White Wipers - CUT
  • Millends of all Descriptions
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